30 Dec 2013

How to use Internet as a Job Searching Revolution in Online Recruitment

Internet changed the lives we live drastically in most cases I hope for the better. We quickly forgot what life was like 30 years ago. It all moved a little bit slower. People searched for a new job in their own town via newspapers job adds or simply word of mouth, just a small percentage of job seekers think out of their region or even less thought out of their home country and even lesser thought to get a new job over sees. With the arrival of the Internet a lot changed, world practically become flat, as Harvard professor Thomas Friedman states in his best seller. Over night the world become our playground. We shop in china with a click on a button, we book our flights and hotels from our phone, and as we chat on Facebook, we by the way slide over job postings from all over the world that are pre selected and picked just for us, regarding our geo position, age, gender, education and job wishes. Internet job search engines became highly sophisticated binary organisms that process a billion of information in seconds; they form a bridge between job providers and job seekers. Job search engines provide us with real time information directly from the market; we can access available jobs from all over the world in seconds and even apply for web video interviews. As years passed by a few web job portal majors formed. The biggest is definitely LinkedIn with over 200 million members worldwide, professional business social media platform that connects the business world together. On one side there are peoples CV profiles connected into the biggest professional working people network in the world, and on the other side we have companies with their job postings and recruitment agencies. This forms a magnificent web tool for job seekers, headhunters and all HR managers that desperately need to fill the open spots with the right suitable workers. Twitter is next in the line, because of its beautiful 140 characters micro blogging system, where you can tweet about your open job positions right to the point, your followers get your job posts directly to their phones. Twitter is a perfect company tool for in-house company news; it can be internal or external tool perfect for job a posting, that’s why everybody is using it. “Independent” job apps are popping out practically every week, they cover a large job area, also specialize on specific expertise like IT, photography and so on. Some of them are good, other no so. There are some that are worth mentioning: www.elance.com, www.istockphoto.com, www.tweetmyjobs.com, www.linkup.com .

With a little bit of knowledge and a smart phone we can make ourselves a personal high tech job gadget. We load a few apps like LinkedIn, Twitter, follow the right channels and we are in business to finding a dream job.