About us

Naton HR Global is a headhunting and recruitment agency with offices in Croatia (covering BIH), Slovenia, Serbia and Bulgaria 

The mission of Naton is to fill your HR demands, while you focus on your primary business activity. 

Our vision is expansion of our company in the global market and to be recognized internationally as a loyal HR Advisor and Partner. 

One of the fundamental values in business and personal relationships alike is trust. We put our trust both in employers and job seekers. Our key guideline is that business partners and clients must be handled individually by identifying their specific needs, providing consultation and finding appropriate solutions for them. We combine years of experience in the field of human resources, professional selection of personnel and consultation with services such as graphological analysis for HR purposes, psychological tests, compilation of regulations and other individual clientspecific services. We are aware of the importance of human capital and its significance is especially noticeable in moments of crisis and at turning points. 

We are proud that the following successful companies trust us: Hella Saturnus Slovenija, Mercator, Lek, Ilirija, Ljubljanske mlekarne, Vogel and Noot, Sandoz, Sodimex, Intra Lighting, Celgene Pharmaceutical, Krka-pharma, Lufthansa, JGL, Amgen Pharma, Adriatik BST... 

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