6 Jan 2014

How to find a right job?

Knowing how to work within someone else's requests is not sufficient. The job awaits for someone innovative, someone standing out in the crowd of applicants. Those who prepare themselves for job hunting during their study are more likely to succeed. Full-time jobs often come after working part-time or with a contract as a student. We do not attend university in order to have jobs lining up after graduation, but rather to discover the companies and jobs requiring our skills, and types of work we would like to spend our lives doing. 

By finding a way of cooperation before graduation, we make sure to be the first in line to be offered a full-time job after graduation. One has to be prepared for rejection. Do not let denied job applications stop you on your way to getting employed. Do not lose your determination if you worked part time for a company and was not offered a full-time position, because the were no vacancies. Follow the company's development, wait for your opportunity. Once the company starts expanding, you will be on top of their list, in front of everyone with no previous contact with it. Sometimes you will be forced to do something 'unworthy' of your skills, experience and education, but never stop looking for the one job you would want to have. Some take more time than the others, yet the goal stays the same: a rare good - a full time job.